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Monday, August 23, 2010

Language Learning online!

Here are some great websites that can help you to learn many different languages in a variety of different ways! Don't forget to try Mango at http://www.hyannislibrary.org  to learn and practice your language of choice! There are 36 to choose from!

LiveMocha is a great online language learning community. Individuals can practice online with native speakers,  learn vocabulary lessons, take quizzes and complete exercises all online!

Internet Picture Dictionary this site offers  many different sets of pictures by subject in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish.Great for learning the names of things.

La Mansion del Ingles   is geared to Spanish speakers, who would like to learn English. There are exercises for reading, listening and vocabulary.

BBC Languages  
offers various audio and video courses for  learning up to 36 different languages!

Learning Language Library-
learn phrases, verbs and vocabulary for 8 different languages  Italian, Spanish,German, Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian and English!

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