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Friday, September 7, 2012


 Does your loved one tell friends that
you attended  the Barnum & Bailey School of Fashion?
When you ask your spouse if you look all right to go to work
do you try to ignore the fake mirror-shattering noises?
Do you hear your partner whistling
             “Send in the Clowns” as you are leaving for a night on the town?  

Well, do not fall into a despondent state.  I know that the following titles will lift your spirits and get you moving the down the runway in the right direction!

What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life: Ageless Secrets of Style by Kim Johnson Gross
Based on a popular column Gross wrote for More Magazine, What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life will be the breakthrough book that examines the critical shifts that women experience during various stages of their life and how those changes are reflected (or should be) in their closets. Gross writes candidly about her own realization that when she donned a bikini at 47, she was no longer the tall, willowy Ford model she was at 21, and about the feelings that our clothes and our appearance evoke for us. Gross explains--using her own and hundreds of other women's experiences--how to dress your "inner girl," find style mentors, how to wear a shirt when you no longer have a waist, etc. She also offers practical "Closet Practices" so each woman can build her own "Feel Good closet." She shares calming advice about fashion, not just about choosing our clothes, but also about how to evolve gracefully from wife to mother to empty-nester or globe-trotting adventurer--whatever role a woman chooses. Every woman will relate to Gross' look at the relationship a woman has with her closet, her clothes and the fantasy versus reality of the image she sees in the mirror. (Non-fiction)

What Not to Wear by Trinny Woodall
Offering straightforward advice on fashion, this practical handbook explains how to develop a personal style suited for one's body type and personality, offering helpful tips on how to use fashion to disguise a variety of problems, from large breasts to short legs, with long-term fashion solutions. (Non-fiction)

Knitting for Him: 27 Classic Projects to Keep Him Warm by Martin Storey
It's a fact of life: men wear sweaters. And hats. And vests. So why do so few knitting books offer patterns for men's clothing? Finally, Rowan, the name that knitters trust, has expertly gathered dozens of easy-to-follow patterns that are perfect for stylish men of all shapes and sizes. Page after page of eye-catching designs detail fun, fashionable and, of course, masculine sweaters, vests, hats and much more that will keep men toasty no matter what the weather. Knitting for Him is the perfect pattern collection for all knitters. (Non-fiction)

The Indispensible Guide to Classic Men’s Clothing by Josh Karlen
Experts on men’s clothing offer guidelines for putting together a stylish wardrobe, providing tips on how to recognize quality clothing and offering pointers for dressing for any occasion. (Non-fiction)

I’m All Dressed! by Robie H. Harris
A little boy who does not want to get dressed for his grandfather's birthday party decides to put on his clothes in a very unique way. (J Picture Book)

How to Have Style by Isaac Mizrahi
Misrahi believes all women have an inner sense of style waiting to come out. He shows you how to listen to that inner voice that tells you what's right- and what's wrong- when you look in the mirror. (Non-fiction)

Eloise’s Guide to Life by Kay Thompson
If you're bored with your life and want to be more like Eloise. (J Picture Book)

Dressing Smart For Men: 101 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make – and How to Avoid Them by JoAnna Nicholson
Describes fashion mistakes men make that can negatively impact their careers and personal life, and includes tips on such topics as finding the perfect suit, accessorizing with color, and the basics of business casual. (Non-fiction)

Dress Casually for Success – for Men by Marc Weber
A fashion guide helps men figure out how to dress with authority, style, and comfort, without breaking the rules, covering new fashion edicts and helping men project the right image at work and at play, from power lunches and job interviews to business-related nights on the town. (Non-fiction)

A Certain Smile by Judith Michael
Miranda Graham, a clothing designer and widowed mother of two teenagers, travels to China to work with the factories that will produce her designs and falls in love with Yuan Li, the successful son of a Chinese mother and an American soldier. (Fiction)

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